Moto Watch 100

High on value and impact

Multiple health and lifestyle features and an all-new streamlined OS let you focus on what matters.

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Moto Watch 70

Tracking daily vitals is easy!

All-day vitals tracking with personalized sleep profile, active heart rate monitoring and Google Fit integration.

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Moto Watch 40

Monitoring your daily health metrics

All-day vitals monitoring with customized sleep analysis, continuous heart rate tracking and Google Fit integration.

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Heart Rate Tracking

Never miss a beat.
Your life will thank you for it

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Heart Rate Tracking
25 min charge + Up to 10 days battery

Always On
Always Connected

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Heart Rate Tracking
Moto Watch App

Automatically syncing your favourite activities with Strava and Google Fit!

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Heart Rate Tracking
moto watch care

We've got you covered

Register for moto watch care

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What our customers say

Great fitness/ smart watch
This is a gift watch if you want to keep track of fitness and you also want a smart watch. It’s very attractive, very light weight, easy to charge (but rarely needs charge because a charge last 14 days), and not complicated to use. And the price is cheap for what you are getting. Simple to set up. Simple to use.
Best budget smartwatch
It has GPS, huge battery life (10+days, I play with it a lot) in a single charge compared to the branded competitors in the market. I get all of my apps notifications which is amazing. Have plenty of exercise tracking options.
Great bang for your bucks
I wasn’t sure what to expect from a $100 watch but I was pleasantly surprised. The easy of connecting to my phone was terrific and the functionality blows me away. What a great tool to have when I am working out. I even wore it work a few times and it was noticed by my coworkers for being so leak. Well worth the money
Incredible option at an affordable price
It is a smartwatch that fulfills the basic functions, it is comfortable and aesthetically speaking very beautiful. In general I am very satisfied with the product, if you are looking for something that complies, that is aesthetically attractive and at a good price, it is definitely the option
Very good product
It meet and exceeded my expectations. Very easy to use and work very well. Good buy.
Excellent watch for those of us who play sports
Super comfortable and has everything you need and more
Excellent product!
The watch has performed exactly as advertised! All functions have worked well, and it was easy to learn.
Good sleep tracking!
Been using the watch at night to track my sleep. Every night my rem sleep is only around 2h. Super cool feature.
Love it!!!!
Love it. Very light, the battery life is very long. It was so easy to pair it with my cell pone.
Excellent gift!
Elegant design, strength and durability, they gave me extra attention for the configuration.
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